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So you want to break out and take an unforgettable holiday independently, but you are a tad nervous on how to do this. You imagine being in your dream destination, which brings you so much happiness until that little voice in your head starts whispering to you saying:

How do I plan this on my own? Where do I start? Am I going to be safe over there? What if I become ill or fall? How do I know I’m not getting scammed? How do I manage all my money? Are traveler’s cheques still a good idea? How do I figure out how to get around in a place I’ve never been? How much do I pack? And the list goes on and on.

I know this because I faced all those same questions when I started traveling independently. Yes, I had fails and screw-ups, I got really sick, I got my bag and passport stolen, but you know what, I also had AMAZING adventures, I had big wins, I learned from my mistakes, I saw sights that I didn’t think I would ever see, and I discovered that this world, no matter where you are, people are so much more helpful and friendly than we think. The bad things didn’t matter because the good things ALWAYS outweighed them. So, yes, things may not always go the way you want when you travel, but you get through it, and man, those end up being some of the BEST stories.

With this program, I want you to learn from all my mistakes, and all my experiences and research of this amazing place we call Earth. I will take you from nervous and worried to confident and excited. I want you to experience a transformation as I did when I was travelling. I proved to myself that I am a badass and I should not ignore my own potential. My confidence shot through the roof every time I did something outside my comfort zone, and going out of those little comfort zones only take a couple minutes of courage and then you are on the other side wondering why you didn’t do this sooner. Peter Pan said “to live will be an awfully big adventure” so take heed when Oscar Wilde said “to live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people just exist.”

Lets break you free and start living your best life!

Score Your Freedom

You get to decide where to go, what to do and when to get up. Become the master of your travel experience and come home happy and excited to do it again.

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What is covered in the academy?

Our videos are broken up into small digestible bites so you can watch as much or as little as you want at a time.

  • Travel basics: getting your passport, deciding where and when to go, how long to go, and travel visas

  • Safety: scams, pickpockets, hotels, what you should and should not carry with you, plus tips and tricks

  • Health and emergencies: important numbers, what you should carry with you, how to make calls while abroad, airplane, travel insurance, what to do before you leave, dealing with jetlag, common travel illnesses, what to do if you get ill abroad, using medicine while abroad, toilets, first aid kit, culture shock and fears.

  • Money: budgets, exchanging money, money management, tipping, negotiating, frequent flier/hotel programs, how to save money

  • Airports and transportation: checking in, transportation to and from, arriving in your destination, getting around abroad, how to save money

  • Technology: using your phones abroad, favourite travel apps, using apps, sim cards, using wifi, calling home, security, how to save money

  • Booking flights and accommodation: how to book your own, using a travel agent, the different styles of accommodation, determining the area to stay in, using resources, tips and tricks, best websites, how to save money

  • Packing: luggage types, how to pack, what to pack, day bags, security

  • How to plan your days and sightseeing/tours/attractions: schedules, when to buy tickets, what to look for, how and when to plan these, where to look and research, how to choose, how to save money, tips and tricks

  • Food and drink and shopping: where to eat, how to cut down on costs, when/where to shop and how to get it home, tips and tricks, how to save money

You know what I love?

Real life CLIENT success stories and love notes. It warms my heart every.single.time.

And NO, I did not pay these people to say all these nice things about The Travel Academy. I could spend all day sharing these gems with you but I will save you from that and just share a couple....for now.

What's included

  • Four group Q&A live webinar sessions with Jen. Date to be picked by you from the 2x per month schedule. Value $500

  • Access to our private Facebook community for students to connect and help one another

  • List of all our favourite travel products with links of where to buy them

  • Packing checklists: clothing, toiletries, electronics, day bag, carry on and first aid

  • Cheat sheet on how to connect to wifi in different places and how to use communication apps

  • List of our favourite travel apps

  • Form for important phone numbers and how to call them

  • Checklist for pre-trip banking and money

  • Blank calendar page to assist with planning

  • List of links to important websites and travel reward cards

Eliminate Confusion

Stop feeling overwhelmed with the amount of information out there. Gain the knowledge of what to look for and where to find it.

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  • Jen Williams

    Travel Expert

    Jen Williams

    Jen has worked in the travel industry, lived and travelled around the world for over 20 years. She has experienced 81 countries and islands and 5 continents so far and sees no end in sight. Her passion for this industry is reflective in her knowledge and expertise while teaching people all she knows.

You know what I love?

Real life CLIENT success stories and love notes. And I have a TONNE of them, like really. It warms my heart every.single.time.

And NO, I did not pay these people to say all these nice things about The Travel Academy. I could spend all day sharing these gems with you but I will save you from that and just share a few....for now.

Anthony S.

Anthony S.

The whole program was so interesting and informative. My wife and I only take cruises or visit family and friends. We had a cruise booked next year for my birthday but after taking this course, I have since cancelled the cruise. I am now excitedly planning our holiday to travel independently to France and England so we can truly experience these places and not just get a snapshot like we would have on a cruise. The Travel Academy gave me the knowledge and confidence to take the leap outside my comfort zone.
Colleen F.

Colleen F.

There is Great value in this program. I learned so much that I was not aware of or thought about. My greatest takeaway was how naïve I was about travel and safety. There were so many interesting topics and valuable information. I now feel much more comfortable that I plan to do a small trip in the New Year.
Glen M.

Glen M.

Jen is easy to listen to and she has tremendous knowledge on the art of travel. Everything covered in the program are things someone would want to know about while travelling. The technology that is available to make travel easier was a highlight of mine since I am not very good with it.
Karena S.

Karena S.

I wasn’t sure what to expect but I was happily impressed at all the little tips and tricks I learned. There were a number of things I would have not known or even thought about.
Lynda M.

Lynda M.

My fear of the unknown is a barrier to many things but I now know tricks that will help alleviate these concerns. With a bit of pre-planning and communication tools and apps, the possibility of independent travel is there now.

Gain Time and Money

Knowing how to use your time and money wisely is invaluable so you stress less and travel more. Let us show you exactly how to capitalize on both of these elements when travelling.

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  • Who is this masterclass for?

    This masterclass is for people who want the knowledge of how to travel internationally independently successfully. People who want to bust through all the white noise surrounding this topic, and get clear and gain focus on how to do this easily.

  • When is the next intake of students?

    Our next intake is in April. You can register for the April session now and you will be the first to get access when it goes live.

  • How do I get my course and content?

    When you decided to purchase a course it will take you to the checkout process with two steps:

    1. Sign up for a student account, or log into an existing student account.

    2. Select a payment method, input your credit card details and confirm the purchase

    Once you have enrolled, you’ll be given access to the course when it is available. If you pre-purchased our mini course you will be notified when it is live. If you purchased a mini course after the pre-purchase time, you will be given immediate access. If you pre-enrolled into our Travel Academy, you will be given access on the next start date. Your courses will available via the course player. Here you can view the curriculum, watch your videos and more.

  • What is your refund policy?

    We offer a 7 day peace of mind guarantee refund policy. If you are unsatisfied with your course we will refund you in full. To be eligible for a refund, the course needs to be completed in full.

This is a lovey-dovey non-shovey reminder that could change your life

No, I am not being overly dramatic! The Travel Academy is THE ONLY online program that gives you the knowledge and focus to create and execute your independent travels successfully.

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